Technical Service

Yarn analysis.

So, you’ve ran a set on your slasher. How do you know the wet pickup and percent add-on is on your product? With our yarn analysis and desize process, you’ll have the answers.

We provide yarn analysis reports to help you diagnose issues in your yarn processes including but not limited to: abrasion testing, elongation testing, desize results, and photo microscope pictures.

We don’t just sell sizing blends, we sell service.


Business to us is not simply a transaction, but rather a relationship. We want to see your business succeed. With the purchase of our sizing products, we include service to guarantee that our products are helping your slashing and weaving room run at the highest efficiency.

Business isn’t a one-and-done deal for us. It is the beginning of a relationship. We will visit you on-site to adjust your slashers and looms to run as best they can with our products. We want to save you money.

Slashing courses.

We have over forty years of textile experience and love to share what we know. We offer textile and slashing courses whether your employees are being trained for the first time, or simply are needing a little refresher. We guarantee that your employees have a take-away from our presentations whether they are textile veterans or new to the industry