Join us at the bleeding-edge of textile innovation.

Reduced yarn shedding. Reduced warp stops. Increased efficiency.

Changing yarn from the inside out.

Our new nanotechnology changes the definition of warp sizing. Unlike traditional warp sizing, our technology strengthens yarn on a molecular level. From the inside out, yarn treated with our nanotechnology is significantly stronger due to strengthened fiber-to-fiber cohesion. This unprecedented level of yarn cohesion leads to dramatically reduced yarn abrasion and shedding in both slashing and weaving.

A new level of yarn resilience. A new level of efficiency.

Molecularly stronger yarn due to nanotechnology pays dividends throughout the remainder of the textile process. The more compact yarn allows more sized yarn on the loom beam with reduced protruding size fiber.  The result is fewer warp and filling stops, especially in air jet weaving.  Yarn with improved fiber cohesion reduces fiber shedding by up to 75% with cleaner and safer mill conditions.

Easily removes in finishing.

Our nanotechnology blends are just as easy to remove in the desire process as traditional size. Our nanotechnology benefits you when you need it during the production process, but disappears magically during finishing so that your customers can receive their soft, unsized products that they have come to know and love.

Our nanotechnology also works with indigo yarn.